Dubai 2020 Expo Logo

We just took a look at new Dubai 2020 expo logo, and it seams at first look it doesn’t meet some basic functionality.


First you should watch a video about the story behind the logo and from strategic point of view we can see what the author had in mind.



After we have seen the video and realized what was the “inspiration” behind the logo, we asked ourself should it be that complex?


There are five circles of different elements forming a logo, it resembles the initial object and it is great designed in well known Arabic style. The biggest concern is how it will be applied on smaller scales, print and digital.


You can see that favorite icon on official website is different then the original logo, it has less elements.




We can assume that there will be an app for the visitors and exhibitors so how the app icon will look like? They will be on social networks. how the instagram, or other social network icon in their news feeds will look like? or push notification icon?


We at wollson think that it is not necessary when developing visual identity you have designed logo for smaller scale, some other parts of visual identity can be used in that case, but you will have to develop a system and set the rules in a way to preserve same visual language. From this point best part of this logo is its possibility to be used in developing strong graphic element/device (which isn’t the case at the moment).