Why Branding?

Because the goal is not only to sell.


A shock!


Isn’t that the point of business? No, the profit is the consequence of business. It comes in the end and only if you have diligently performed all the required steps along the way. And indeed, not so long ago, the aim was a pure profit. Don’t get me wrong, it still has been, but what also counts today is creating a value, and the created value is always followed by profit.


The value is created with a customer, a consumer, your employees, stakeholders, suppliers, and among all people who get in touch with your brand. Only and only if that value has been created, it will appear in one’s bank account.


How do you create a value today? Among an infinite number of similar products and services, and highly competitive markets, it is hard to differentiate, especially when it is thought that everything has already been invented. So, how to distinguish oneself? The answer is simpler than it seems.


Coca-Cola apparently knows the answer – It sells sparkling liquid which everyone knows isn’t healthy due to large amount of sugar, yet, after more than a century, we drink it with a smile. Apple also knows the answer. They managed to sell a record number of cell phones although the model has the same specifications and functions as their competitors. McDonald’s as well, as they serve 67 million people around the world every day, in spite of its well known bad influence on people’s health and various campaigns that were created in order to raise people’s awareness. The products might not be healthy but the brand sure is!


They all know that the functionality and tangibility do not make the difference, so they are directing their resources on something that has much stronger impact – the emotion. They turn to higher needs, something more deeper and elusive, raised and upgraded exclusively by people’s imagination, proved to be highly remembered. People will adopt the feeling they experienced by consuming your product and not how it smelled, tasted or was shaped. They will remember themselves as your brand makes them feel.

Now, let’s get back to the beginning – The goal is not just to sell, the goal is to sell again.