Category: Brand Strategy

Why Branding?

Because the goal is not only to sell.   A shock!   Isn’t that the point of business? No, the profit is the consequence of business. It comes in the end and only if you have diligently performed all the required steps along the way. And indeed, not so long ago, the aim was a […]

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Oxymoron of today’s business

Speed and patience. When these two words stand together, they are a pain in the neck. People rarely know that when used together, they represent an oxymoron. They are contradictory as well as illogical and incompatible, just like a hot ice cream.   This does not apply to a world of business. In business, they […]

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To be the first is to be alone

Or however that wise saying goes which says that everyone who is on top, stands there thanks to their own hard work. They might be lonely but they feel awesome! They have a wonderful view. Well… there were some changes in this saying. Today, a whole team is on top, and they all feel great […]

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