88 Rooms hotel

88 Rooms


Scope of work:

Graphic design

User Experience Design

Visual Identity

Website Design

Website Development




We developed and implemented a visual identity for a brand new hotel in Belgrade. The hotel had a standard 4-star offer but wanted to stand out from the rest with a strong design concept. The brief clearly stated that the goal was to create something new on the market, something different, original and attention-grabbing. Part of our job was to apply the identity through wayfinding and signage, the hotel’s environment and the entire business documentation. Our agency also created and developed the hotel’s website.


Our visual identity for 88 Rooms is modern, minimalist and dynamic. The logo is dynamic, it has several variations developed from one unique graphic language. The variations of parallel and circular patterns are used inside the same shape of the 88 sign and they invoke a certain kind of design freedom and openness. The parallel and circular patterns used in the logo can be implemented in all other touchpoints of the brand identity in numerous creative ways and can also communicate the brand’s presence without the logo itself. To keep the focus on shapes and patterns, the entire identity is based solely on black and white. A strong and clear information architecture that was created for the hotel’s website served as a pioneering example for many regional hotels that later followed it.

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