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Fruit juices

Scope of work:

Packaging Design

Visual Identity




Our task here was to do packaging redesign for two wide known and established products in Macedonian market. Nectar Juice and 100% Fruit Juice by biMilk hold a very large portion of the market share in Macedonia and the client wanted to refresh the packaging but not to make drastic changes in order to both keep the current consumers and attract new ones. Major challenge for us was the fact that there were no distinguished graphic elements in the old design that we could pick up and edit. We needed to create something new without jeopardizing the old. We competed with some of the largest regional agencies in a pitch for this project and after focus group and concept testing, we won.


It is important when working on this kind of project to recognize the boundaries which creativity shouldn’t cross for the sake of the brand’s market position. We created a subtle graphic device, a semicircle, drawn from the old typography, which can later be developed and used in future redesigns. Without too much steering away from the old package, our focus was to highlight the freshness of the fruit and the refreshment quality of the product. We did this by upgrading the photos, adding a more dynamic look and feel and slightly saturating the color palette. The content mapping and hierarchy remained the same as before.

Client testimonial

“Whether is packaging design or redesign wollson cares about details!
I have to point out that their R&A segment gives them a serious basis not only in a visual identity development but also in creating a communication strategy.”

Poliksena Jankulovska

Marketing Director @ Bimilk