Elix pain relief products


Pain relief products

Scope of work:

Brand Strategy

Naming & Verbal Identity

Packaging Design

Visual Identity

Website Development




The client had an exceptionally good product that needed rebranding before going to international market. We needed to create an entirely new brand strategy and define the target audience. The brand offers pain relief products which are good for everybody with muscle pain, but especially for professional athletes. As we like to approach our clients’ businesses as our own, we partnered and together came up with an improved concept of the brand’s architecture and placement in order to improve their business possibilities.


We noticed that none of the competing brands in the field had a clear and specific communication for athletes. Our suggestion was to create two separate lines and develop three additional products with an intensified effect, a new function and designed specifically for athletes. The result was a line of three products for general public of all ages and an additional special sport line of three products shaped for the needs of athletes. Both lines have similar design, but with different color palette and both of them communicate aspiration towards a harmony between body and mind. We added a final touch of excellence with good label mapping and an uplifting, motivating tone of voice that is focused on protection.

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