Key by Brian Tracy


Self-development programs

Scope of work:

Graphic design

Naming & Verbal Identity

Packaging Design

Visual Identity




This project took a very inspiring turn at the very beginning. Our client runs an organisation that is approved and certified by the internationally renowned motivational speaker and self-development author, Brian Tracy. Our client’s organisation offers certified tutoring programmes which he developed and restructured (by creating more elaborate online content for the courses) in order to answer the demands of the local market more efficiently. Although he came to us with an idea to only design packaging of his course material, together we decided that it would be wise to develop an entirely new brand that would help his prospective students identify his programme as unique. Also, the brand development would help him sell his product with more success. This brand could later be developed even further, as our client’s educational career thrives. The client wanted something innovative, tech- oriented and modern.


Our first job was to create the name and the identity. The core of the identity is connected with the programme philosophy which emphasizes that the key to the change and progress in your life is in your hands. The programme also focuses on describing the key skills needed for a change. So to name it KEY was quite natural. The visual identity initiates dynamic movement. The graphic elements are consisted of many small arrows that suggest life directions one needs to take in order to develop and grow towards personal goals. The visual identity and the packaging design are created to suggest movement, modern technology and motivation.

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