Koncept 45 concept store

Koncept 45

Fashion and art concept store

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Brand environment

Brand Strategy

Graphic design

Visual Identity

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When you have several brands at one place, all-star brands, that is, do you have a problem or do you have an opportunity?

A concept store is a place that gathers selected brands and indicates a certain culture. Metaphorically speaking, it’s like being in a concert where all your favorite bands are playing. Awesome, right?! It’s the best concept, you can’t go wrong with it! Still, there are some challenges here. Each of these brands has their own story to tell, their own identity, their own set of values, their own way of communication, each one of them is a brand in its’ own right. What about you? You need to develop your own brand, identity, set of values, communication. And you need to do it in such a way, so as not to jeopardize any of the brands in the store. On the contrary.


A universal and adaptable identity needs to be created. This identity should emphasize the highlights of the brands in the portfolio and create a synergic effect that will fulfill the mission set while forming the strategy. We formed the strategy by labeling the Concept store as a design store, a fashion museum and a magazine, all at once, and in the form of a shopping place. It is a place that celebrates authenticity of each and every one of us and values design properly.

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