Link group corporate brochure

Link group corporate brochure

Corporate brochure

Scope of work:

Art Direction


Graphic design




Link Group is one of the largest regional companies specialising in professional education. The company operates with a dozen educational institutions: from high schools to special courses, to faculties. Their portfolio is extremely wide and what they asked us to do was to create a brochure in which all of the branches of their business would be systematically and conceptually listed and presented. There was no visual identity defined previously, so we were challenged to pick up the scattered graphic pieces here and there and use them to create a unique graphic language, a connecting link for the entire brand family. The client also provided us with the text that we needed to adapt and edit for the brochure.


We created a unique graphic language that connects all the units visually into one “family tree”. We had to learn about the core of their business in order to present it in the most elegant way. The design has a professional, corporate tone with hints of a technology look and feel, as the company primarily focuses on IT education and offers various online lectures and e-learning programmes. The visual language we created is dynamic and structural. The shapes, which are inspired by links, are mutual for all branches, but differentiated with a unique colour we chose for each one of them.

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