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Professional cosmetics

Scope of work:

Brand Strategy

Naming & Verbal Identity

Packaging Design

Visual Identity




The job here was to basically reinvent the brand identity for a large line of professional wellness and spa cosmetics. The client had over 200 beauty products in the portfolio and had difficulties with it. They also needed a new brand name. The biggest challenge was to do brand portfolio optimization, product optimization, and to build a stable and strong brand architecture. Our task was to create the corporate brand that will hold all other sub-brands which will then branch into lines etc.


The first thing we did was to divide all products into two lines- the professional wellness and spa line and the homecare line. Each line was designed differently and designated for a different target audience. We built product sublines for each one of them and added an additional categorization of the products according to the distinctive product functions. After a thorough research we came to a conclusion that the brand should be communicated with a kind of a clean, natural, French-like esthetic. We named the brand Mesmerie, created a French slogan and a modern, sleek, simple but very elegant design that stands out but does not get in the way of clear label mapping and an overall natural feel.

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