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Neabios is a dental practice based in Rome. An experienced dentist has decided to start his own private practice and asked us to create a brand identity that would communicate with values of cleanliness, purity and precision. The idea was to avoid the usual communication in the industry that focuses on before and after photos and scary imagery of possible diseases. We aimed to promote the positive image of the dental industry and make people feel comfortable and secure when in contact with Neabios.


Our goal was to develop a bright, smiley, positive vibe, so we used the universal smiley sign 🙂 as the main graphic element of the visual identity. The colours that were chosen for the brand- bright pastel shades of green and blue- are characteristic of the industry, but we applied them in a unique modern minimalistic way. We paid special attention to the photographs used in the communication, focusing on smiling, happy, content people. The key point was to create a positive point of view.

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