True Story

True Story

Dried fruits & vegetables

Scope of work:

Brand Strategy

Naming & Verbal Identity

Packaging Design

Visual Identity




We built this brand from scratch. The client had his own production of dried fruits and vegetables set up and wanted to create a brand for his product. The brief was to create a snack category product that resonated healthy but also fun product. It was important to highlight the fact that the product was created with genuine care, safely and responsibly. While belonging to the snack category at the moment of creation, it was predictable that the product could easily branch into various other food categories, so we had to create an identity that could later be developed in various directions.


The entire strategy led us to understand that honesty is the main bullet point the name needs to deliver. We came up with the idea to name it True Story and develop a personal witty true story told by each fruit/vegetable in first person. The verbal identity highlights values of honesty and contemporary lifestyle. The entire visual language is casual, handwritten, evokes authenticity and handmade quality, but also brings modern design vibe to the front. Fruit bags are blue and vegetable bags are black and each one of them has a big round shape colored in correspondence with the fruit inside, for easier distinction.

Client testimonial

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Iva Ateljevic

Marketing director @ ACM Drying